What Is Love Pill Web Series Actress Name?

Love Pill Web Series Actress Name

Series NameLove Pill
Cast (Actress)Shubhangi Sharma As Sona
Cast (Actors)Amit
GenreRomantic Drama
Release20 August 2023


Love Pill Web Series Cast

Shubhangi Sharma featured as Sona (Fake Name) in the Love Pill Web series. 


Love Pill Web Series Story

The story is based on two young lovers who decided to marry against the family.

They struggled very much to become a pair, so it’s a very interesting story to watch on the internet. 


Love Pill Cast

  • Shubhangi Sharma As Sona
  • Amit




What is the love pill actress’s name?

Shubhangi Sharma As Sona


What is the release date of Love Pill?

12 August 2023


How many lead roles in the Love Pill series?

Amit and Shubhangi Sharma are the two main roles in the Love Pill series.


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